Two Sisters, Two Styles

A reader from Colorado sent this wonderful photo along with a story, my favorite kind of contribution. Center and right are two sisters, with facial shapes, hair styles and eye glasses looking very much the same. 

However, the similarity ends there.  The sister in the middle is a Midwestern farm wife visiting her younger sibling in Oregon.  She wears a shirtwaist, the uniform of older women in the fifties, along with a pair of sensible shoes.  The dress is not without its charm, trimmed with dots along the pockets at the hips and chest.  Nonetheless she looks old fashioned next to her West Coast sister who has on slacks, a knit shirt, and tennis shoes.  It shows that style is geographic as well as generational. Don’t you wonder what they through of one another?

On the left is the daughter/niece from Oregon.  Although she also has on pants, she seems to be trying very hard to look cooler than her mother.  Don’t the sunglasses do the trick?

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  1. Nann says:

    What a great photo! And interesting to see real-life slacks of that era on real people. When a period TV show has a woman in slacks they are a LOT tighter.

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