Melania at the RNC Convention

Military-inspired fashion for women is not a new thing.  But is it usually quite so literal?  I’m wondering just what Melania Trump had in mind when she gave her convention speech in an outfit that looks like she got it at the Army/Navy Surplus store—or perhaps the Cuban version of the same. 

This is a genuine question.  For all of her flaws, and overlooking the “I don’t care, do you?” jacket, I think Melania usually chooses her clothes in an intelligent way.  She referenced Jackie Kennedy at the inauguration, giving the impression that the Trump presidency would fit into standard American history. She wore French designers on her visit to France. A Korean friend of mine was impressed by her clothes when she went to Korea because she felt that Melania had made a nod to Korean designs.  When she appeared at one of Trump’s state of the union speeches in a white pantsuit, she evoked the suffragist heritage of white and the feminist heritage of the pantsuit at the same time.  For many watching, these were positive signals.

But why wear a military outfit at the Republican National Convention?  Surely Melania knows that some people call her husband an authoritarian and worry what might happen if he wins a second term.  Was she saying that she doesn’t care what they think? Was she letting us know that you can still smile under a dictatorship? Or that she, at least, can rock a Castro look if we all have to wear one?

I really want to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I’ve given up trying to figure her out. They say she was a model in a former life. Maybe this is the prototype of the new Trumpiana uniform.

  2. Martha Lewis says:

    Hi Lynn!
    It’s a transparent appeal to the far right for votes. Google SS Frauen Uniform. This is campaign strategy; Melanie probably oblivious to the reference.
    Fond greetings,

  3. JS says:

    “When she appeared at one of Trump’s state of the union speeches in a white pantsuit, she evoked the suffragist heritage of white and the feminist heritage of the pantsuit at the same time. For many watching, these were positive signals.”

    There’s NOTHING positive about Melania Trump, who is a birther, a racist, and a liar. She and her family would never have been admitted under the requirements the Administration has tried to impose for immigrants. Every accomplishment she has claimed has either been false or grossly exaggerated.

    Some thought her wearing white was mocking feminists. She ain’t no feminist. Remember the time she wore the blouse with pussy bow, which many people took to be a response to the marches in protest of her husband, at which women wore pussyhats?

    Why put aside her provocative jacket that said “I really don’t care do u?”? That was a deliberate choice, just like her selection of this outfit was deliberate and they’re both in the same shade of green.

    She enjoys owning the Libs, just the way her husband was getting off outraging anyone who believes our democracy by using the White House as a setting for the Republican national convention, a blatant violation of the Hatch Act.

    She has no taste, except for copying the worst style moments of better-dressed women. Her blue inaugural outfit was ugly, dowdy, and backward-looking.

    I hope we only have to put up with them for a few more months. But I am worried.

  4. Nann says:

    Erotic fantasywear. With her doe-eyes peering from under the bangs, plus long legs and stiletto-clad feet she looks like a comic book caricature. (And with that wide belt could she bend at the waist?)

  5. susan snow says:

    I just read Mary Trump’s book. I agree with her statement that Trump didn’t marry her for her conversational skills. The “I don’t care” coat totally disgusted me. She doesn’t care. Once this president gig is up I’m sure she will be long gone, with a big check from a divorce lawyer’s office probably for services rendered? Trump, Melania, Ivanka and the lot of them disgust me, just out for themselves. I can’t bear another four years of listening to that dim-witted moron blather on about issues he doesn’t know about, is ill-informed about, etc. He doesn’t think before he opens his mouth. Please, please, please will the November election bring us a new dawn of sane presidency in the U.S. ?

  6. Anne S. says:

    No need for personal attacks on Melania. She probably does not mean anything, or , maybe it is a nod to the military – I really can’t make up my mind. She is hard to read. I am probably your only reader who is registered Republican, it seems.

    • JS says:

      Melania is a public figure married to a public servant. We the taxpayers foot the bill, including her exorbitantly expensive trips. What she does in the public sphere and on our dime is appropriate for criticism. Her most publicized initiative, “Be Best” has been a pathetic failure. She can’t get her own husband to stop bullying, much less his supporters.

    • Lizzie says:

      As long as we the taxpayers are keeping her up, we have the right to criticize. And I know a lot of registered (and formerly registered) Republicans who will not be voting to keep her in the White House.

  7. Bob Moeller says:

    Want more?
    I think Fidel had a better tailor, and he sure didn’t pay $2400 to get outfitted.

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