Come Fly With Me, 1955

Passenger air travel was already well established by the 1950s, so it is unlikely that this prosperous looking couple was making their first trip in 1955.  These were the days when people still dressed up to travel. With his broad shouldered suit and big cigar, the husband looks like a captain of industry used to having the world at his feet.  His wife appears more surprised and pleased by the occasion.  She made a real effort, adding a corsage to the obligatory hat and gloves.  Her heels are quite high—no sensible shoes for her.

Was it maybe an anniversary trip? Or a special outing to visit grandchildren across the country? You can learn about their aircraft, a DC 7, here.  

Wanderlust inspired me to pick this photo from my large stash of possible entries.  In these days of lock down, I was quite excited to walk to my local Trader Joe’s for a few supplies this week.  Standing in front of an airplane ready for a trip into the sky—what a dream!

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