The Bridge Ladies

Not too long ago I read a wonderful memoir called The Bridge Ladies about a group of four friends who played bridge every week over the course of fifty years.  Their conversations covered marriages, children, and eventually widowhood.  Throughout there was a subtle competition between them about the food served and the clothes worn.  I wonder if this group had a similar history. 

Judging from their outfits, I’m guessing that this photo comes from the early to mid-sixties. The woman on the right wears a short-ish sheath dress, while her partner across wears something much longer. Did it reach to the floor, or had she decided that the skirt lengths of the sixties were not for her?

If there was any subtle competition about clothing going on, then the women center right wins the prize for the most dressed up.  Her printed dress with the deep v neckline looks silky and she wears the most dramatic jewelry.  I wonder if the woman to her left was thinking, “If I had known she was going to go to so much trouble, I would have worn a necklace too.”

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2 Responses to The Bridge Ladies

  1. Amy J says:

    Love the story you’ve come up with to go with the picture. Also that the dressed up on seems to be more focused on the game. 😉

  2. Nann says:

    I so enjoyed The Bridge Ladies!

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