Too Much Tinsel, Not Enough Tree

Here’s Pearl celebrating Christmas, 1959.  She looks sad sitting there by herself, but we have to imagine a family on the other side of the room telling her to smile.  The big pile of presents indicate company.

You can’t see much of her clothes, but I’m guessing she has on a sweater and shirtwaist dress.  Her comfortable, sensible shoes perhaps could double as slippers.

My family sometimes had similar sad trees when we left off tree buying until the last minute. Pearl and has compensated with a lot of tinsel.  So much here reminds me of my childhood—the popcorn strings, the big glass balls, the white stencils on the windows, and even the TV tray.

Does anyone still have tinsel?

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5 Responses to Too Much Tinsel, Not Enough Tree

  1. Rhoda K says:

    Oh my . . . . I stopped using tinsel due to having pets in the past but sure wouldn’t bother now 😉 I also had a similar set of TV trays. How fast time passes.

  2. JS says:

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for the thought-provoking posts.

  3. eimear says:

    I only do a glorified set of branches now – as a child I used marvel at those draping icicles, I just thought they were the most beautiful thing ever…. Pearl looks very relaxed which I hope I will be once the goose is cooked here. A very happy Christmas to you Lynn

  4. Lizzie says:

    Oh gosh! I LIVED for those stencils and that spray flocking. My mom finally banned it.

  5. And I lived those TV tables which the photographer seemed to want to foreground in this picture. Fabulous photo. Where did you find it?

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