A Pop of Color

Is it a pop or is it a blob? We can’t see the whole design on the younger woman’s dress since it continues on up over her hip. Nonetheless, I find the big splash at the bottom a little distracting, since it focuses your eyes on her thighs and not her face. What do you think? To me, the mother’s dress is more pleasing.

Given the skirt lengths, I think this photo comes from the late 1930s. The mother has not yet adapted to the shorter style that her daughter wears. While their dresses are different, their hairstyles are quite similar. And look at their fabulous shoes!

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2 Responses to A Pop of Color

  1. Susan says:

    Another gem. I have seen a lot of 1930s-1940s dresses with large appliques (usually flowers) — and usually with a smaller applique near one shoulder and a larger one offset on the opposite side of the skirt. Sometimes they were decorated with a few sequins, too. The one in this photo could be printed on the skirt fabric or could be an applique; I think I see part of a smaller image near her left shoulder. I agree that the huge one seems out of proportion — but there may have been some diagonal interest created by one whatever-that-is on her shoulder and the huge echo on the right side of her skirt. Fun find (and I agree about the mother’s dress!)

  2. JS says:

    The younger woman’s dress is awful. That motif is waaaaaaaaay too big.

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