African American Women’s Club, 1952

What a wealth of different clothing styles in this photograph of mother’s support group for the African American sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. 

The woman standing on the far left in the front row looks as if she had no interest in the nipped waist style of the New Look, while her companions seated directly to her right embraced it.  The woman furthest to the right in the front row might have stepped out of the 1940s in her dark printed shirtwaist dress. 

Light colors prevail–it is Southern California after all. Given all the lightweight dresses and light colored shoes, it is probably warm outside. As a generalization, it is mainly older looking women who have chosen darker colors.

And what a festival for hats–small and large; bedazzled and plain. Those who have chosen to come bareheaded look decidedly under-dressed.  

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One Response to African American Women’s Club, 1952

  1. Susan says:

    Great find! It’s possible that nearly all of the ladies are wearing hats — but some may have chosen tiny, head-hugging ones like the two in the doorway, top row. I love all those crossed ankles — a ladylike and also flattering way to sit. I wish some talk-show guests could take lessons from them!

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