Twins, 1984

Roz Liebowitz

The artist and photographer Roz Leibowitz found a treasure trove of photos on ebay documenting the lives of twin sisters from the 1930s to the 1990s.  I found the story of the collection in American Photo Magazine and then discovered many of the photos on Roz Leibowitz’s Flikr site, Introducing Maurine and Noreene.

The two sisters, Maurine Everett and Noreene Dodd, lived in the small town of Denison, Texas and dressed alike for their entire lives.  At first, according to the magazine article, their matching outfits were provided by their mother, who was an expert seamstress.  It isn’t clear if they took up the hobby themselves after their mother died or if they found a dressmaker to continue the tradition. Or did they find their outfits ready made?

As you can see from this snapshot taken in 1984, they had their own style.  Born around 1916, they would have been in their late sixties here.  Not every woman their age would have attempted those tall boots, plaid skirts, and shiny white v-necked blouses. It is a good bet that their once red hair was by now chemically enhanced.

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2 Responses to Twins, 1984

  1. squeakytiki says:

    I was 17 in 1984 and this is the sort of outfit my grandmother would have bought for me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had those boots.

  2. Donna says:

    Being an identical twin whose mother dressed me exactly like my twin until sixth grade, I shudder when I see photos like this. In the 60’s when identical twins were really rare (fertility drugs make for more twins now), we were a circus act. Dressing alike did not help.

    We still are identical but have very different styles. But when we get stopped and interrupted today and asked the inevitable, “What’s it like being a twin???”, we can reply and they can see, we are really very different. (Still shuddering)

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