Easter Hat Competition, 1976

With her stunning creation, including both bunnies and chickens, one wonders why this woman was only a semi-finalist in the Philadelphia Easter hat competition.  The photo of Mrs. Ann Jackson, age eighty three, appeared in the Philadelphia Evening Standard in 1976.  Given her sedate checked suit, I suspect that a great-grandchild must have had a hand in the construction.

For me, Easter will always be tied to the memory of new clothes. My seamstress grandmother made Easter dresses every year for me, my sister, and my four cousins.  One year she designed matching dresses with polished cotton skirts and velvet bodices.  My sister remembers dyed to match gloves. How I wish I had photos. 

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2 Responses to Easter Hat Competition, 1976

  1. Lizzie says:

    If she was only a semi-finalist, I’d love to see the winner!

  2. Barbara J says:

    I always had a new dress at Easter, usually sewn by my mom. In our family, it was traditional to have a new outfit on Easter, Christmas (not pajamas) and the first day of school. I still do that to this day although I’ve shifted the first day of school outfit to my birthday, which is quite close to the beginning of the school year.

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