Considering the Pinafore

Vogue Pattern Book, February/March 1941

You might have noticed that pinafores are back in style. How many times has this garment been revived in some shape or form?  In 1941, Vogue Patterns brought out not one but two different versions.  The magazine copy for the one on the right reads: “Beloved by our grandmothers, yet this-season modern and crisp as a cracker.” 

Note the head gear on the left.  It’s a head scarf tied in the “We Can Do It” Rosie the Riveter style.  However, this magazine came out in early 1941, months before the US entered World War Two.  Perhaps Rosie was following current styles, rather than setting them.

Maybe I’m out of sync, but the pinafore is another fashion trend (along with the jumpsuit) that will not find a way into my closet.

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4 Responses to Considering the Pinafore

  1. Wendelah says:

    If I still had a defined waist, I would be all over this style. From Sondeflor (a shop on Etsy):

  2. Susan says:

    It’s interesting that these are shown with sports equipment instead of a dust cloth or broom. Tying your hair up for tennis? Too hot! maybe there are pincurls drying under there, for Saturday night?

  3. Lizzie says:

    Ugh! I made a pinafore in the early 70s to wear over a tee and pants. There were ruffles on the sleeves. What was I thinking?

  4. JS says:

    I haven’t seen pinafores on the street. I had one in the 1960s when I was a little girl. With the right fabric and cut I’d definitely put one in the closet next to my jumpsuits. It’s funny, I started wearing Laura Ashley jumpsuits/rompers several years ago. Now, jumpsuits are back.

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