Miss Preckle of Denver 1923

As much as I love the spontaneity of family snap shots, the quality of professional work can really be astounding.  This luminous photograph comes from the estate of a Denver studio photographer.  You can almost count each sequin on her dropped waist black (or very dark) silk charmeuse dress!

This lovely woman’s last name, Preckle, is written on the back of the photo along with the date, November 11, 1923. (Historians bless the people who record such information.)  I am guessing that Miss Preckle was unmarried since she doesn’t wear a wedding band.  What beautiful details here—the impressive pearl necklace, the pin at her neck, the signet ring, the eyeglasses held in her left hand. This is a woman of means.

And look at her amazing dress, covered on the body with sequins in a flower design.  There are also sequins at her cuffs and following the precise outline of the collar.  The dropped waist style of the dress follows current fashion, although Miss Preckle decided not to bob her hair.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I love Ms. Preckle. She looks happy.

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