Delila’s Christmas, 1957

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Doesn’t this image of a very cheerful, single, older woman call out for a story?  Maybe Delila Pinegar was recently divorced and had just bought a new car with her settlement money.  Perhaps she was marking a successful year at her local business, Pinegar Productions. I can also imagine her as the well loved English teacher at the local high school who had finally been named principal, the first woman to hold that job in her district.  Whatever the back story here, Delila was in the mood for celebration.

I blew up the picture at the center of the card so that you can get a better look at her clothes.  Her full skirted dress has a wonderful gathered portrait collar.  I imagine the dress in velvet, the collar in satin. Her high heeled shoes have open toes, a feature that some fashion commentators, like Edna Chase of Vogue, considered quite racy at the time.  She wears the requisite hat and gloves, along with what looks like a fox fur shawl.  Merry Christmas, Delila!  I hope 1958 turned out as well for you as 1957.

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  1. Nann says:

    I was intrigued by the name and looked her up. Delila Hayden Pinegar, Garden City, Kansas. University of Northern Iowa, class of 1917. And apparently she was an English teacher.

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