Mother and Daughter, Late 1920s

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Was there ever a crueler fashion era for the older woman than the 1920s?  The preferred fashion shape made a woman with a matronly figure look like a big stuffed block or triangle.  The daughter on the left, whose dress dates from around 1926 or 1927 judging by the length, has at least chosen a solid color with vertical pleats which has a slimming effect.

Her mother, on the other hand, seems to have picked out a dress specifically designed to accentuate her wide hips.  The dots are bigger on the bottom than on the top, drawing the eye down.  And that belt buckle, placed almost at the widest part of her hips, is calling out for attention.

The mother purchased her much longer dress earlier in the decade.  Maybe she decided that fashion was no longer worth following.

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5 Responses to Mother and Daughter, Late 1920s

  1. Carol in Denver says:

    I can’t help but wonder if what we wear today will look so very old-fashioned 100 years from now. If so, what will the fashions look like then?

  2. eimear says:

    you are so right about that 1920s style on any lady with curves. when the 80s had a drop waist revival (house of elliot on tv assisted) I joined in and quickly dropped the fad…. the mothers dress sure has a lot of patterning in it. and you are so right about it

  3. I have the awful feeling that the dotted border print was Mom’s best dress — not worn often enough to get worn out. Pity!
    Our current style — often seen at the grocery store or mall — that features a longer, light colored top hanging a couple of inches below a shorter, darker top — especially when worn with leggings and seen from the rear — will probably provoke “What were they thinking?” comments a few decades from now.

  4. The mother’s dress is really pretty nifty, but yes, an unfortunate choice for her body. And I wish they would switch shoes!

  5. Anne S. says:

    While the style may not be flattering, I wonder if she was happy not to be wearing a corset (at least possibly not)? It looks comfortable.

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