Black Friday, 1995

Los Angeles Public Library. Click to enlarge

There are many stories about the origins of “Black Friday” in the US.  Despite the checkered past of the term, these days it means big bargains in outlet stores and malls, a kind of shopping frenzy to kick off the Christmas season.

My daughter once had a friend whose family made an event of Black Friday shopping.  They got up at the crack of dawn and planned their strategy for the day, counting their bargains once they had finished.

Had the Filipino-American family above also planned their outing?  It must have been a lot of work just keeping track of the children. The men don’t look too happy, but the smiles on the women–especially the grandmother on the right–appear genuine.  She also might be the only one whose clothes weren’t bought at a mall.

Just so you know—I make it a point to stay home on Black Friday.

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  1. I’m with you – at home.

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