Mother and Daughter, 1960s

In preparation for Mother’s Day, I thought I would share some favorite Mother/daughter photos. This one is of particular historic significance because it memorializes the pink plastic curlers that I remember so distinctly from my youth. Was the daughter preparing for a big night out, or did the photographer catch her partway through her morning routine?

The affection between the two is clear from their smiles and the mother’s proud hug. I love the print on the older woman’s blue paisley shift dress, which looks like it comes just to the knee. It has a wonderful collar detail, called in one contemporary recreation a “sixties funnel roll neck.”  Here’s a similar style in a Givenchy pattern from the era:

Pattern image from

In her paisley shift dress, I think the mother looks more of the era than her daughter in this particular photo. But it is the younger woman who wears the pants.

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  1. Carol in Denver says:

    Some women wore hair rollers almost everywhere in the 60s: to the grocery store, delivering kids to school, etc. I remember reading a (fictional) article about a bride wearing rollers to the ceremony because she wanted to look good for the reception.

  2. Love the peacock blue paisley — and that vogue pattern. I remember seeing girls on Friday or Saturday night movie dates wearing curlers, and wondering what big event they were “saving” their hair for. Of course, your hair did take a long time to dry in rollers. I slept in rollers all through college to have a “flip” in the daytime.

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