New Archives to Explore—Textile Records at Cornell University

Palmer Mill, 1920. Click to enlarge

Not everyone gets excited when they hear the word “archive,” but I do.  And combine “archive” with “textiles” and my blood really starts rushing. Recently, the history librarian at my university sent me news that Cornell University Library has acquired records from the library of the recently closed American Textile History Museum. They include photographs, trade catalogs, textile sample books, and more. That’s good news for those of us interested in fashion, labor, business, and textile history.

What makes the news even better is that Cornell has an excellent record of putting its holdings online. I frequently turn to its comprehensive collection of home economics materials, Hearth.  Photographs and documents from the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archive are at our finger tips through the library portal and on Flickr.  I’ve used their photos from the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union many times.

The photo above is one of the 47,000 images that are moving from Massachusetts to Cornell.  What other treasures will we find?

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5 Responses to New Archives to Explore—Textile Records at Cornell University

  1. That is exciting! Thanks for sharing a valuable resource!!

  2. eimear says:

    wonderful – sounds amazing

  3. JS says:

    That’s fantastic. We’ll look forward to posts based on the documents.

  4. Becky (History Librarian) says:

    Keep us posted on your discoveries of this collection. I love hearing about them. 🙂

  5. Abbey s says:

    Thank you for sharing these links. I’m really enjoying your thought-provoking blog.

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