Big Hair from the Sixties

William Eggleston, Dust Bells, vol. 2, 1965-68. Click to enlarge

Even before I saw the dates, I knew that this photo by Southern photographer William Eggleston was from the sixties.  My clue—the hair. Although the older woman is casually dressed, her hair looks like it is going to a party. The big flip style is stiff, probably held in place by lots of hair spray. Her immobile hair draws attention to her sagging skin, which I think makes her look older.

I am also a survivor of the big hair era, as you can see in this school photo from 1965. How much time did I spend straightening, teasing, and spraying my curly hair to make it look this rigid? The hairdo also makes me look older, as if I am trying to camouflage my fifteen year old self.

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  1. Jane says:

    You are sooooo cute!

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