Three Generations at the Wedding

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Often I wish that all photos came not only with dates, but also a list of names and relationships. This one came with nothing. Obviously that is the bride in the middle, but I’m not entirely sure that the young man is the groom.  It might be the bride’s brother together in an impromptu photo of her side of the family. Whoever he is, he appears to have a black eye.  Maybe the bachelor party got a little rowdy.

Three generation photos are my favorite kind, but I don’t often find them of weddings. The bride in the center wears her fifties finery well.  Note the pretty lace overlay on top of her strapless dress and her strappy shoes.  At first I thought the heels were somewhat thin for the early fifties—my best guess for this photo—but I did find similar ones in the Sears catalog for 1953.

The middle aged woman at the far right, perhaps her mother, has on a well fitting tailored suit with a flattering collar. She wears a close fitting cap or half hat with netting extending down over her face, a classic fifties style. Her eyeglasses are also of the era.  Did the photographer catch her at a bad moment, or is she also wondering about that black eye?

grandmotherThe most unusual person in the photo is the grandmother who came to the wedding in her wheelchair. She is dressed for warmth—old women get cold easily—and has covered her legs with a crocheted blanket.  It isn’t easy to see any details of her clothes, but the neckline of her dress appears to be decorated in embroidery or lace.  And to honor the occasion, she’s put bows (or are they flowers) in her hair.

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2 Responses to Three Generations at the Wedding

  1. eimear says:

    its a lovely photo! I love the way the granny is looking at the bride, its so fine. (the black eye is funny, I have some rugby playing female colleagues who have attended weddings with worse!)

  2. Carla says:

    Oh how funny! Love your comments! Would have missed that shiner! Mom-in-law looks none too happy! Agree that granny admiring the bride….maybe she is remembering when she too was young, optimistic, and beautiful on her wedding day! Thanks for featuring these old photos!!


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