Bad Hair Day? Try a Turban

From Eleanor Lambert: Still Here by John A. Tiffany

From Eleanor Lambert: Still Here by John A. Tiffany

One of John Tiffany’s jobs as Eleanor Lambert’s assistant was to bring turbans with him in the car when he picked her up from the hairdresser’s. She got her hair done many times a week, but apparently wasn’t always pleased with the results. If her hairdo started to fall, she covered it up with a turban. By the 1990s, she wore turbans so often that they became part of her signature look.

Why was Lambert having so many bad hair days?  Tiffany doesn’t say, but I suspect her hair was thinning. While few women go completely bald as they age, many suffer from thinning hair. This natural side effect of women aging doesn’t get much attention.

And it is not the only hair problem for the older woman.  My own hair—thick and coarse (I was once bestowed the label “horse hair” as a teen)—has grown even coarser with age.  Not only that, but I have many more willful cowlicks than ever before. When I recently tried to grow out my hair a little, I looked like the permanent resident in a wind tunnel.

Maybe it’s time to try a turban.

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3 Responses to Bad Hair Day? Try a Turban

  1. JS says:

    If you’re hair is thinning I understand, but otherwise I associate turbans with dirty hair, old ladies, and women dressed in costumes from other countries.

  2. Carol in Denver says:

    Thinning hair: I know it well. One woman I know teases her hair in the area where it is starting to thin. Teasing also disguises gray or white roots. The life of an older woman is not often lived with carefree abandon!

  3. I’m in my upper 30s and have had thinning hair since my late teens (hormone problems). It is terrible. I used to have such thick nice hair, and now it is so uneven. I dread what it is going to be like after menopause (although, as a general rule, I don’t mind getting older–I’m kind of proud of my gray hair and laugh lines)

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