The Way they Wear their Hats, 1934

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Well, I must admit that the person I love the most in this August 1934 photo is the gamesome boy front left in his white sailor pants, white shirt, and large white beret.  But all of these well dressed summer people are a joy to look at. Where are they going? To the beach? A picnic? The horse races?

hatlover2The oldest woman, second from the right in the middle, might be in her fifties.  She wears a very common textile pattern for the older set, the small print/polka dot.  Her dress might be an open eyelet pattern, lined with a slip. Her white lace collar is also a frequent element in the repertoire of older women.  But accessories make the outfit here.  She has livened up the ordinary look with white dangle earrings, a white bangle bracelet and possibly rings on several fingers.  Her white straw hat is worn at a tilt.

Perhaps the message of this photo is that everyone almost anyone looks better in a hat–and every hat looks better when worn with a little attitude.

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  1. eimear says:

    What a lovely photo – pity that one head is hidden as they all have such distinct looks – and all content looking. I adore hats but really only wear one in summer outside at beach or garden as the glare always gets me -I don’t know if I look better, but as my summer hat’s brim is as wide as my shoulders, I have always felt rather glam in mine!

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