A New Year’s Party in Minnesota, 1937

Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota Historical Society-click to enlarge

Put on your silly party hats for New Year’s Eve! At this event in Minnesota, the women got paper crowns and the men somewhat squished looking top hats. Maybe that’s why they are laughing, or is it singing? The only thing missing is champagne.

It’s not all that easy to find photos of older women in long evening gowns, a category dominated mainly by debutantes, celebrities, and brides. The woman in the center here wears velvet with a ruched bodice and a high waist. Her golden slippers peek out from the under the hem and she carries a small clutch bag. The larger woman on the left wears a dress of what looks like a very heavy silk crepe. She has accessorized with shiny shoes, a thin shiny belt and a broach at her chest. Perhaps her plunging v-neck is filled in with fabric that is trimmed with gold. We only get a glimpse of her short cover-up, maybe some kind of brocade. Obviously these people were not feeling the pinch of the Depression in 1937.

New Year’s Eve is my very favorite holiday, party hats optional. All you really need is good wishes for the future and (for me) a glass of champagne. May you all have a good start to the new year!

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3 Responses to A New Year’s Party in Minnesota, 1937

  1. Lizzie says:

    That center dress was a very fashionable choice. I wish we could see the details of the dress on the right. And a very Happy New Year to you!

  2. e9kear says:

    the very best to you for 2016 also Lynn, and thank you for all your lovely posts – looking forward to many more

  3. Mema says:

    Liebe Lynn,
    ein schönes Neues Jahr und alles Gute für dich und deine Familie, Gesundheit und Liebe und Freunde und natürlich Frieden und inspirierende Ideen.
    Ich danke dir für deinen wunderbaren Blog. Deine Artikel sind mir ein große Freude und so spannend.
    Ein Glas Champagner für dich

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