At the Golf Course, circa 1940

golfIt’s not easy to date this photo, since the clothes come from two different time periods. The young woman’s pants say “1940s,” while the older woman long skirt says “1930s.” But since older women are more likely to cling to older styles, it is a safe bet to place this picture around the turn of the decade. That was the guess of Lizzie Bramlett from the blog Vintage Traveler, who sent me this wonderful photo.

golfing2The older woman not only wears an out-of-style skirt, she also seems to have a different idea of proper sports attire. She is all in white, from her hat to her shoes, while her daughter or young companion is dressed in darker colors. Given the fact that they both have on sweaters, it certainly doesn’t look like the height of summer. Perhaps this woman transferred her “tennis whites” to the golf course.


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2 Responses to At the Golf Course, circa 1940

  1. I think your analysis of this puzzling photo is very good. If only people would have always dated their photos, it would save us a lot of trouble!

  2. I like the fact that both women are carrying their own golf clubs — no caddies in sight. (And not many golf clubs, either.) Perhaps they are playing for pleasure and exercise! They look like good sports, too.

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