Goldie, August 1955

Goldie55In perfect Palmer penmanship, the caption on the back of this photo reads, “Goldie at Sam o Set Aug 1955.” Given Goldie’s contented expression and glorious tan, I thought this would be the perfect photograph to celebrate the end of summer.

In an on line search, I found a Sam-o-Set resort in Maine, founded in 1925 and still in existence today. That might be where this photo was taken, although the resort is on a lake and this looks more like a rocky ocean beach to me.

It’s not easy to find pictures of older women in bathing suits. I suspect that many refused to be photographed or else destroyed the evidence later. But Goldie seems to have no such qualms. Her strapless bathing suit, with its very tight girdle-like design, is right in style. I found a 1953 photo of a young Florida beauty wearing a similar look.

May we all be so happy in our own skins.

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