Two Sisters, Two Styles—1950s

clamdiggersAre these women twins? They certainly could be, with similar facial structures and figures. They share style preferences too—with similar hair dos, glasses, and pants with pockets.

But despite all the elements they share, the women have quite different styles. The sister on the left is subdued. She wears a monochromatic solid color scheme and has only rolled her pants up to ankle length. With her thumbs in her pocket and her dark glasses, she strikes an elegant pose for this casual outing.

Not so her sister, with who has an exuberant, even whacky style. Standing with her hands in her pockets with a wide belt at her waist, she looks like Wonder Woman from the Planet Plaid. If you examine her clothes carefully, you’ll see that the plaid on top doesn’t match the plaid on the bottom. And what stood out even more to my seamstress’s eye was that the plaids on the bottom do not match at the seam line. Could these be homemade? She has rolled up her pants so far that they look like clam diggers.

Today we appreciate the range of styles in the dress of older women—but as you can see it’s hardly a new development!

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4 Responses to Two Sisters, Two Styles—1950s

  1. bellneice says:

    Both of these women still have waists, so no wonder they want to show them off. They look to be in their 60s (maybe?) and they still have, forgive the expression, very nice figures. Even thin older women tend to lose their waists after menopause.

  2. As much as I adore old black and white photos, this is one that I’d pay to see in color! Those plaids!

  3. donna says:

    I’m an identical twin and I don’t think these two ladies are twins. They could be sisters but I even doubt that. Sister-in-laws perhaps or cousins. The lady on the right appears older to me and the women have different coloring (although that would be more apparent in color). Have you ever noticed friends who are shopping together? They are always dressed similarly – even older women. They were pants together or skirts together. Their shoes are usually flats together or heels together. I think that’s what’s going on here.

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