The Gracious Lady in Polka Dots, 1938

Sears Catalog, 1938

I’m not surprised to see the “Gracious Lady,” Sears’ euphemistic attempt to address the older woman, wearing a polka dot dress!  A very popular print in the 1930s, polka dots were even more common for the older set.  In their 1930s version, the dots were always small and appeared on a dark ground.  Supposedly their dainty look disguised any figure flaws. 

What were the key elements of the Gracious Lady style?  The clothes were all on the conservative side.  In the Fall 1938 catalog, other women got to wear clothes with colorful embroidery and soutache medallions.  The gracious lady’s outfits had none of these up-to-date additions.  While younger women were featured in knits and velvets, the Gracious Lady wore simple woven cloth dresses in cotton or rayon.  A polka dot dress was the ultimate gracious look, especially accessorized with a lace collar and sensible shoes!   You could find it in navy, black, or wine.

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  1. Anne S. says:

    Their heads are older women, but their bodies are not! It looks a little strange but catalogs never showed older figures I guess.

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