Mother at the Old Farm

Found photo

The polka dot dress! 

I think of this as the archetypal dress of the 1930s, when polka dots were everywhere.  This particular outfit has some fancy details.  The dress itself appears to have a halter strap around the neck—or is it trim over netting?  On top she wears a short jacket with puffy sleeves made from sheer fabric.  This is clearly a dress up outfit for some special occasion, underscored by the big bouquet on her chest. She wears a hat at a jaunty angle, adding to the dark and light theme.

Written on the back is “Mother at the Old Farm,” with a printer’s mark from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  What does “Old Farm” mean exactly?  Had the family acquired new property, or had they moved to the city and left country life behind?

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2 Responses to Mother at the Old Farm

  1. Nann says:

    Another navy? (maybe) polka dot dress!

  2. Galica says:

    I think it’s not a halterneck but another 30’s trope – the sheer dotted dress over an opaque lining. With a matching bolero, and all bound with a matching solid trim. So the lines you can see on the chest are the neckline binding, with a single layer of the sheer fabric beside. And you can just see her arm through the sleeve (or, at least, I can).

    From the crispness, georgette or even organza rather than chiffon.

    Very flattering for the older madam and I’ve just bought some silk-cotton batiste for just that reason. 🙂

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