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Natalie Chanin’s American-Made Enterprise

If you have ever wondered what it would take—and what it would cost—to bring textile and garment construction back to the United States, designer and ecological visionary Natalie Chanin has some ideas for you. After a career as a garment … Continue reading

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Today’s Fit on My Body—Vogue 1411 Pants

I took my own challenge to see if Sandra Betzina’s “Today’s Fit” line fit offered advantages for my own aging body.  The results were mixed, but I did learn a lot and got a new (if imperfect), comfortable pair of … Continue reading

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Age Affirmative Advertising

How do you sell products designed for older people? The linguistic twists and turns of advertisers have always interested me, so I took a look at the collection The Aging Consumer, edited by Aimee Doret (New York, 2010.)  The most … Continue reading

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Today’s Fit Patterns by Sandra Betzina—A Line for Older Women?

In the Spring of 1999, Vogue Patterns launched a new line by well-known sewing expert, Sandra Betzina.  This wasn’t just a collection of new designs; instead, Betzina introduced a new sizing system that she called “Today’s Fit.”  “Today’s woman doesn’t … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art of Dressing by Tziporah Salamon

Of all the eccentric older women currently having a fashion moment, I like Tziporah Salamon the best.  Perhaps it is because I once saw her once on a New York street, as brilliant as a bird of paradise amidst her … Continue reading

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Mother of the Bride

Many women live in dread of dressing up as the mother of the bride or groom.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast’s overview of the standard options. While I also had my fears, I … Continue reading

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Cis and Sally–Style across Generations

Meet my friend Sally, on the right, a historian of photography and a photographer herself.  She has been a consistent help on this blog, providing background information, ideas for posts, and wonderful photos from her side career as a yard … Continue reading

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About Pantsuits, Not Politics

The American media is abuzz with interpretations of what Melania Trump might have meant by donning a white pantsuit to her husband’s first State of the Union speech. Speculation is fun, but what interests me is the fact that she … Continue reading

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Home Sewing and Fast Fashion–Thinking about Waste

On the face of it, home sewing is the opposite of fast fashion.  It can take mere minutes to make a jacket in a factory; a homemade jacket takes hours if not days.  In the eighties, McCalls advertised an “eight … Continue reading

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My Homemade Travel Wardrobe

The internet phenomenon of Me-Made-May has once again got me thinking that I should show more of my own clothes on this blog. After all, I am an older (now 66) American woman who thinks a lot about clothes. Recently … Continue reading

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