Pants for Everywoman, 1966


Sears catalog, Spring/Summer 1966

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  1. It’s nice to see that there were larger sizes available — I wouldn’t be too hard on Sears about the limited color range, though. Before our current wave of obesity, and given the conservatism of most older women in the 1960s, when many didn’t even wear trousers for housecleaning, Sears probably didn’t expect to sell many close-fitting stretch pants in large sizes. It may have been a matter of making a smaller selection because the number of potential buyers was relatively limited, and they couldn’t justify the expense of making these pants in a full run of colors. (On the other hand, it was only after losing a lot of weight that I bought my first pair of red trousers — and then, I only wore them to a women’s gym! So self-color-censorship does occur.)

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