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Claire McCardell’s Pop-Over in the Montgomery Ward Catalog

If any designer came to embody a streamlined, no fuss “American look” during World War Two, it was Claire McCardell.  She was famous for her innovative designs and inventive use of humble fabrics like gingham and denim. One of her … Continue reading

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Kitchen Aprons in the War Effort

In my ongoing effort to show that not all female war workers during World War Two were young, I bring you these two photos from the Office of War Information.  The top photo shows two women sorting artillery shells in … Continue reading

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More War Workers in Pants

My brother is engaged in a long research project on our father’s career as a navigator during the Second World War.  As a lucky spin off for me, he has been sending photos of women workers he comes across, including … Continue reading

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Older Rosies and the Push Toward Pants

Although it is hard to tell from this photo, the caption by Office of War Information photographer Alfred T. Palmer makes clear that this particular Rosie the Riveter is an older woman.  “A woman worker, over 60 years old, does … Continue reading

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Older Women in Pants, Bonner Montana

This photo comes from the University of Montana, via the Digital Public Library of America.  Note that all the women, from young to old, are in pants.  We know a lot about the snapshot, including the location (Bonner, Montana), the … Continue reading

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Employee Christmas Party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 1945

At a local fancy flea market, the Long Beach Antique Market, I found this photo of an employee party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The image is much too large for my scanner—18 inches by 9 inches—so I can only … Continue reading

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Marjory Collins—Chronicling the Lives of Older Women

During the Second World War, Marjory Collins (1912-1985) was hired by the Office of War Information to provide a photographic record of American life on the home front. Most of her photos fit a standard mold—parades, church scenes, factories. But … Continue reading

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Sally Holt in Pants, 1940s

In response to my call for more information about older women in pants, my cyber friend Witness2Fashion sent me these photos from her aunt’s amazing collection. They feature Sally B. Holt of Pulaski Tennessee, a woman apparently in her forties, … Continue reading

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The Rosies Remembered

The Farmerette of World War One might not be well known, but Rosie the Riveter of World War Two is one of the most iconic American images of that conflict. Women streamed into all kinds of jobs during the war, … Continue reading

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The Nine Lives of Lee Miller

American-British photographer Lee Miller (1907-1977) had quite a resume.  Here is a short list of her occupations: fashion model, artist’s model, fashion photographer, art photographer, photo journalist, chef, and food writer. She was muse to and collaborator with the artist … Continue reading

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