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The Jumpsuit—A Style that Will Not Die

You might have noticed that the jump suit, a one piece long armed garment with pants, is back in style.  An older fashion blogger I follow, Alyson Walsh, has declared it her favorite look.  Sewing patterns for jumpsuits abound. I … Continue reading

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Pants for Women in Montgomery Ward Catalogs, 1907-1924

When did Montgomery Ward begin offering pants designed for women?  The first mention I found (and I could have easily missed some) had to do with horseback riding.  In 1907, you could buy a custom made divided skirt “for cross … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dressed for War by Nina Edwards

If you compare a map of Europe map in 1913 to one made after the First World War, it is easy to see the explosive power of that conflict. Old empires disappeared and new countries took their place. In her … Continue reading

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For Every Fighter a Woman Worker, 1918

This World War One poster was designed by graphic artist Ernest Hamlin Baker, who went on to become the most famous cover artist for Time magazine. My friend Joan posted it on the innovative history blog Not Even Past as … Continue reading

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Women by a Farm House, ca. 1917

How do you date photos?  Skirt length is often a clue, and by that alone I might have chosen the 1910s for this undated family snapshot.  However, the sharp eyed costume designer Abbie Chase analyzed the photo and paid particular … Continue reading

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Sewing for the Red Cross, 1917

Since September is National Sewing Month, I plan to devote my blog posts this month to the subject.  This photo from the Library of Congress shows “Senate Women Sewing” for the Red Cross.  These are probably the wives and daughters … Continue reading

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