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Jackie Kennedy’s White House Style

What did these two women think of the other one’s outfit when they met? I’ve been preparing a talk on Jackie Kennedy’s White House fashion for a local museum. The research has been a lot of fun.  In the process, … Continue reading

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A Festive Evening at Howard University, 1963

Since it’s not that easy to find photos of older women in evening clothes, I was thrilled to discover this portrait of the Home Economics Faculty at Howard University attending the opening of their new building in 1963.  Howard University, … Continue reading

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Dr. Mary Walker, A Pioneer in Pants

Next time you worry that it might take a long time to reach your goals, consider the case of Dr. Mary Walker (1832-1919)–physician, feminist, and dress reformer. She worked her entire life to gain equal pay and suffrage, along with … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day with Marjorie Merriweather Post Davies, 1945

I’m publishing this post on March 8, International Women’s Day. Although the holiday’s origin was in the United States, it has never received much recognition here outside of the feminist movement. In the Soviet Union, however, it was a very … Continue reading

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Miss Democracy Prepares for Thanksgiving, 1924

While searching for images of older women and Thanksgiving, I discovered “Miss Democracy,” a recurring character in the political cartoons of Clifford Berryman. Winner of a Pulitzer prize, Berryman is credited with creating the symbol of the teddy bear for … Continue reading

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The First Lady at Fifty

Now that Michelle Obama has turned fifty, I can finally write about her on my blog (although she has made one brief appearance.) Is it just my impression, or have her fashion choices attracted much more attention than those of … Continue reading

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The President’s Birthday Ball, 1935

Off and on I give talks on fashion history for local groups and at the end I always ask for pictures and stories for my blog. After a recent talk for the county chapter of the American Sewing Guild a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

Although I know that it is foolish, I love to imagine a fresh start with the New Year.  Last year, I resolved to ride my bike more.  I was somewhat successful since I advanced from zero to about ten times…but … Continue reading

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Sewing for the Red Cross, 1917

Since September is National Sewing Month, I plan to devote my blog posts this month to the subject.  This photo from the Library of Congress shows “Senate Women Sewing” for the Red Cross.  These are probably the wives and daughters … Continue reading

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Frances Perkins-Power to the Hat

A great candidate for my new focus on women in power is Frances Perkins, the first woman serve as a member of a presidential cabinet.  She took the job of Labor Secretary under Franklin Roosevelt–and what a job that must … Continue reading

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