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Louise Dahl-Wolfe in her Own Words

While many lesser known women photographers have books dedicated to them, there is as of yet no comprehensive biography of Louise Dahl-Wolfe (1895-1989). The only book I have discovered that approaches an overview of her life was written by Dahl-Wolfe … Continue reading

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Ruth Asawa–Straw into Gold

Although I lived stretches of my life near San Francisco (in Santa Cruz and Berkeley), I only discovered the work of San Francisco based artist Ruth Asawa (1926-2013) in a recent New York Times Magazine article marking her death. Her … Continue reading

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Getty Images and the Older Woman

A New York Times article published on February 10, 2014 announced that Getty Images, one of the most popular sources of stock photos, is on a mission to provide more varied photographs of women’s roles in contemporary life. Stock photography … Continue reading

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The Nine Lives of Lee Miller

American-British photographer Lee Miller (1907-1977) had quite a resume.  Here is a short list of her occupations: fashion model, artist’s model, fashion photographer, art photographer, photo journalist, chef, and food writer. She was muse to and collaborator with the artist … Continue reading

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Textured Skin

When I sew, I seek out textured fabric. I think the puckers and ridges created by different weaving and dyeing techniques make the clothes more interesting and luxurious to wear. Looking at the photos that Doris Ulmann took of older … Continue reading

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Willa Cather’s Portrait

In 1923 when American writer Willa Cather was fifty, the Omaha Society of Fine Arts from her home state of Nebraska decided to commission her portrait to hang in the Omaha Public Library. By then, she was already famous, with … Continue reading

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At the Beach in Southern California, ca. 1919

I spent a long time looking at this photograph by Edward Cochems, a commercial and portrait photographer from Santa Ana, California.  A large collection of his photographs was recently acquired by my university library.  The documentation states that these photos … Continue reading

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Vivian Maier’s Chicago

The Chicago History Museum is sponsoring an exhibit of the Chicago street photographer Vivian Maier (1926-2009).  There is a fascinating back story to her work.  New York born Maier made her home in Chicago from the 1950s until her death.  … Continue reading

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Government Cleaning Woman, 1942

Gordon Parks, photographer, artist, and later filmmaker, was hired as a trainee in the Farm Security Administration’s photography program in 1941.  As an African American, he used his position to document the living and working conditions of blacks in the … Continue reading

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