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Sally Holt in Pants, 1940s

In response to my call for more information about older women in pants, my cyber friend Witness2Fashion sent me these photos from her aunt’s amazing collection. They feature Sally B. Holt of Pulaski Tennessee, a woman apparently in her forties, … Continue reading

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Women’s Bible Training Class, 1910

If you want to find the origins of a uniquely American style of dress for women, you can start with the shirtwaist blouse and dark skirt so popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. Although it was worn in … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter’s Favorite American Model

Will I ever tire of writing about Mrs. Exeter, Vogue’s older woman of style in the post World War Two era?  Not if I can figure out something new to say. This style adviser to women of a certain age … Continue reading

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