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Hijinks at the Bowling Alley, 1950s

Although their silly outfits don’t advertise the location, these women’s shoes and the flooring they stand on indicate that the photo was taken at a bowling alley.  Because of their costumes, it wasn’t easy to date the picture. But the … Continue reading

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The Sporting Life, ca. 1910

There is a long note on the back of this photo, partly obscured by black paper from where it was ripped from a photo album.  “Dear Emily,” it reads.  “Do you remember this swell crowd?”  Then the writer goes on … Continue reading

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At Eagle Lake, 1937

To celebrate the official start of summer, here’s a family photo of assorted females enjoying a day at the lake. It’s hard to find pictures of older women in bathing suits, and I think most of us over fifty know … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter’s British Cousin

Mrs. Exeter was born on the pages of American Vogue in June 1948. A few months later, in March 1949, a parallel older lady appeared in British Vogue. The British Mrs. Exeter seems to have had a wider cultural resonance … Continue reading

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At the Golf Course, circa 1940

It’s not easy to date this photo, since the clothes come from two different time periods. The young woman’s pants say “1940s,” while the older woman long skirt says “1930s.” But since older women are more likely to cling to … Continue reading

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Goldie, August 1955

In perfect Palmer penmanship, the caption on the back of this photo reads, “Goldie at Sam o Set Aug 1955.” Given Goldie’s contented expression and glorious tan, I thought this would be the perfect photograph to celebrate the end of … Continue reading

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At the Waterfall

Did this woman make a long trek up a hillside to reach the waterfall, or did she and the photographer make the trip in a car? Given her walking stick and the sliver of a sturdy shoe that you can … Continue reading

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Liz Claiborne, the Designer

In 1976, when she was forty-seven, Liz Claiborne started her own company with three other partners. She already had a long career in the fashion industry behind her when she took this big step. Claiborne got her first job with … Continue reading

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Mary Roberts Rinehart and her Alter Ego

  In a 1946 feature on Mary Roberts Rinehart, Life magazine called her “America’s bestselling lady author.” This was an understatement. According to her biographer, Jan Cohn, Rinehart dominated all best seller lists for five decades, from 1895 to 1944. … Continue reading

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Family Camping Trip

Given the look on the older woman’s face, she likes camping just about as much as I do.  Maybe she is disturbed by her male companion, who is wearing only an undershirt and making what might be an untoward gesture. … Continue reading

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