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Elizabeth Hilt, Queen of the Shirtwaist

If the shirtwaist was the most beloved style of the 1950s, then Elizabeth Hilt was the most beloved designer. She gained a reputation for creating stylish shirtwaists for Henry Rosenfeld, “America’s best known supplier of popular priced dresses,” according to … Continue reading

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The Shirtwaist of the Fifties

In Ellen Melinkoff’s entertaining book on real life fashion, What We Wore: An Offbeat History of Women’s Clothing, 1950 to 1980, she states that “shirtwaists and suburbia were made for each other. The hem didn’t rise up when you reached for … Continue reading

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First Prudential Outing, Los Angeles 1908

In 1908, it was not yet clear that Los Angeles would become the megalopolis that it is today. San Francisco was the dominant city in the state at the turn of the century, and not even the 1906 earthquake undercut … Continue reading

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The Three Graces in Chicago

Although I am already back home in California, I have one more Chicago inspired post to share.  The wonderful Art Institute of Chicago has a current show called “The Three Graces” on amateur photography from the 1900s to the 1960s. … Continue reading

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Germany, 1900s

Although this is a blog about American older women and fashion, it is difficult to determine if there was anything unusual about American style without a comparative perspective.  I just returned from a five week trip to Germany, where I … Continue reading

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A Bevy of Shirtwaists, 1915

A look at contemporary clothing catalogs shows that the combination of man-style shirt and skirt was passing out of fashion by 1915, but clearly it was still popular in Southern California.  This photograph of the Yorba Linda Women’s Club shows … Continue reading

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Shirtwaists for All, ca. 1901

Perhaps it was the illustrator Charles Dana Gibson who made the shirtwaist (a man-tailored blouse) and skirt so closely identified with young American women at the turn of the twentieth century.  His “Gibson Girl” was young, tall, sleek, and athletic.  … Continue reading

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