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Friends in Los Angeles, October 1964

Maybe you don’t dress this way in your garden in October. In Los Angeles, however, the month can be very hot, with strong winds coming in from the desert. This snapshot gives names–Katherine, Ina, Della, and Flo–but no ages. The … Continue reading

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Bessie McHugh from her Thirties to her Sixties

“On a steamer going to Catalina, June 25, 1934. That was the way we celebrated Our Anniversary.” So reads the message on the back of this romantic photo.  It depicts John McHugh, born in Ireland in 1889, and his wife … Continue reading

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The Sheath and the Shirtwaist, 1965

The photographer did these two women no favors by capturing them from the bottom up.  They are obviously related, but I wonder how. Judging by the clothes, the woman on the right might be the daughter. Looking at their faces, … Continue reading

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Opening Night at Fashion Island, 1967

Fashion Island is a fancy outdoor mall in my neck of the woods. My husband, who has become interested in local history, found this photo on the Irvine Company website. Note the Mickey Mouse shaped balloons. It’s not too far … Continue reading

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The Sheath versus the Shirtwaist in the 1960s

Unless fashion doesn’t interest you at all, you must have noticed that the shirtwaist dress—now often called a shirt dress—is back in style. I have an irrational dislike for this  beloved classic of American design, which has always seemed dowdy … Continue reading

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Becky Stott’s Pattern

Given the measurements on this size 14 pattern—bust 34″, waist 26″, hips 36″—I doubt that Becky Stott of Bailey North Carolina was an older woman. Still this Progressive Farmer pattern called out to me in a North Carolina antique store. … Continue reading

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North Carolina in the Sixties

According to German fashion historian Gertrud Lehnert, 1960s fashions were in many ways a repeat of the 1920s. Youthful silhouettes dominated and to stay in style older women had to slip into clothes designed for younger shapes. Unlike the 1920s … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve, 1964

I love New Year’s Eve—my favorite holiday of the year.  For me, it has the lowest stress factor of any holiday.  There are no presents to worry about and no special food traditions to comply with or ignore (in my … Continue reading

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Shining in the Sixties

I love shiny clothes, even though older women are often advised not to wear them.  This family snapshot shows Rosina, the mother of a family friend, glowing in a gold brocade dress.  She came to California from Kentucky and married … Continue reading

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Flowered Sheath Dresses, 1968

According to Mary Brooks Picken’s The Language of Fashion (1939), sheath dresses first emerged as full length gowns around 1910.  They were “straight, narrow, and close fitting, with a tube-like silhouette.”  In a knee length version, they came back into … Continue reading

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