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Migrant Grandmother, 1938

Dorothea Lange’s most famous photo is of the migrant mother, a young Oklahoma woman and her children in a farm laborer camp in California.  The migrant mother has become the iconic expression of hardship during the Great Depression.  But it … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays, 1962

This trio of photos come from collector extraordinaire Lizzie Bramlett.  They document a Christmas celebration on a family farm in 1962, complete with red barns and grandchildren. The flat empty fields in the background give no clue to the location.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dressed for the Photographer by Joan Severa

Although this book addresses a specific time and place—the United States from the 1840s to 1900—it contains a wealth of information useful to anyone who is interested in how photographs can be used to study the history of fashion. The … Continue reading

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On the Farm, 1910s

Although these photographs are of the same woman, they are of very different quality. In the picture on the right, developed in sepia tones, we can make out what looks like a simple cotton checked dress, one that could have … Continue reading

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An Immigrant Family, 1906-08

I find many of the photos for this blog in thrift stores, at flea markets, and on sites like eBay.  Most of them are not dated, which means that I have had to teach myself how to make educated guesses … Continue reading

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The Woman in the Kerchief

Sometimes found photos are like a little mystery story.  When and where were they taken? Who is in the picture?  What prompted the photo?  I know none of the details here, but my guess is that this is an extended … Continue reading

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