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New Archives to Explore—Textile Records at Cornell University

Not everyone gets excited when they hear the word “archive,” but I do.  And combine “archive” with “textiles” and my blood really starts rushing. Recently, the history librarian at my university sent me news that Cornell University Library has acquired … Continue reading

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Exploring Harvard’s “Women Working, 1800-1930” Collection

I never had to walk five miles in the snow to get to school, but I used to travel long distances to libraries and archives in order to do my research. These days you can sit at home and discover … Continue reading

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The Gimbel Book: Paris, London, and American Styles, 1910

On the website for the Thomas J. Watson Library at Metropolitan Museum Library, I browsed through the 1910 catalog for the Gimbel Brothers department store, then in Philadelphia. I had my eye out for clothes and accessories especially aimed at … Continue reading

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Trying on Hats in Bronzeville, 1941

This evocative photo, captioned “Buying hats in a ten cent store which caters to Negroes,” is included in the volume Bronzeville: Black Chicago in Pictures, 1941-43 (2003). The book matches photos taken by photographers working for the federal government with … Continue reading

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Singer Showcase, Issue 1

We all know that Singer makes sewing machines. But were you aware the company also ventured into the pattern business? I discovered this by chance (a favorite research method) when I came across the first issue of Singer Showcase from … Continue reading

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California Stylist: A Trade Magazine for the West Coast Garment Industry

The California garment industry began expanding in leaps and bounds in the 1930s, and the magazine California Stylist (1937-1971) was there to document the process. I first discovered it while doing research in the Irene Saltern archive, which contained issues … Continue reading

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Teaching Sewing in North Carolina

  Learning to sew well can be a long apprenticeship, and not everyone has an expert seamstress in the house to oversee the process. For generations of women and girls, home demonstration workers filled that role. A fascinating archive at … Continue reading

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The Vogue Archive and You

The Vogue archive is an amazing resource for fashion research and pleasure reading.  Not only can you scroll through each and every issue from cover to cover, you can search by clothing element, designer, company, date, photographer, etc. The images … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

What do we call the woman who is no longer young?  For my research, I have chosen the somewhat euphemistic term “older woman.”  With its comparative qualities, this term states that my subject matter, women over fifty, are older than … Continue reading

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Forty Thousand Catalogs

If just one vintage catalog can help to illuminate a unique time and place, then what can 40,000 do? The University of California at Santa Barbara houses a unique catalog collection compiled by the antiquarian bookseller, Laurence B. Romaine.  I … Continue reading

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