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Signing the Equal Pay Act, 1963

Signed into law by President John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963, the Equal Pay Act legislated that women receive equal pay to men for equal work. Too bad it couldn’t happen with the stroke of a pen. Forty years … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit, International Edition

Sometime ago, I told a German friend that I was going to write about the similarities between Hillary Clinton’s style and that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  It’s already been done, she replied, and directed me to an article in … Continue reading

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The First Lady at Fifty

Now that Michelle Obama has turned fifty, I can finally write about her on my blog (although she has made one brief appearance.) Is it just my impression, or have her fashion choices attracted much more attention than those of … Continue reading

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What to Wear to a Cold War Summit, 1959

During the late 1950s, when Nikita Khrushchev came to power in the Soviet Union, there was a brief thaw in the Cold War.  One sign of the shift was a big exhibit of American products, architecture, and fashion at Sokolniki … Continue reading

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Dorothy Shaver: This Woman Means Business

If you were to make a short list of people who helped establish the United States’ reputation for fashion, Dorothy Shaver would certainly be near the top.  In her many positions at the Lord & Taylor department store from the … Continue reading

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Designer Dustup

If you still wondered whether or not fashion was political, I hope the controversy over  Ann Romney’s and Michelle Obama’s convention dresses has finally convinced you. Romney wore a red dress by the established designer Oscar de la Renta that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Power Dressing by Robb Young

In this thought-provoking book, British author Robb Young examines the wardrobe choices of First Ladies and women politicians from around the world.  With a brief glance backward, he begins his detailed analysis in the 1980s and continues up to 2010.  … Continue reading

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Power Dressing: Hillary Clinton

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Nobel Fashion

What would you wear if you won the Nobel Prize?  That is the question seventy-six year old political scientist Elinor Ostrom had to face when she won the prize in economics in 2009.  She was the first woman to win … Continue reading

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Frances Perkins-Power to the Hat

A great candidate for my new focus on women in power is Frances Perkins, the first woman serve as a member of a presidential cabinet.  She took the job of Labor Secretary under Franklin Roosevelt–and what a job that must … Continue reading

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