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Bi-Partisan Dressing: Posing With Big Bird

On the US National Archive’s Flikr site, there is a folder of photographs of “notable  women,” a fairly random selection of important American women.  It’s no surprise that First Ladies form the bulk of those chosen, and that they are … Continue reading

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The World of Beatrice F. Auerbach

Beatrice Fox Auerbach (1887-1968) was not raised to become a woman of business. Born into the family that owned the G. Fox & Co. department store in Hartford Connecticut, she received the kind of finishing school education her parents believed … Continue reading

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Women in White

The simple white skirt and blouse of this older woman is probably sending a political message. In the 1910s, the American suffrage movement adopted purple, gold, and white as the colors of their cause.  Wearing white, meant to symbolize the … Continue reading

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Power Dressing at the Telephone Switchboard, 1930s

This photo shows a stark contrast in dress between the apparent supervisor, standing up with her hands behind her back, and the women working the switchboard.  In a dark skirt topped by a white shirt with cuffs, the supervisor looks … Continue reading

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You Can Keep Your Hat On

How do women in positions of power establish their authority in a work environment?  These days it is done through clothes, but it used to be done with hats. I’ve read many memoirs about women editors at fashion magazines being … Continue reading

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Nina McElmore—Putting Punch in the Power Suit

Pantsuits make news. Recently my sister sent me the link to this exuberant video of New York artists wearing all kinds of pantsuits in a flash mob dance for Hillary in Union Square. On the same Washington Post page as … Continue reading

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City Mother—Dorothy Chandler

In December 2014, Los Angeles celebrated fifty years of its Music Center, a cultural complex at the heart of the city. The brains behind its creation was Dorothy Buffum Chandler (1901-1997). Although never elected to any public office, she nonetheless … Continue reading

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Older Women in Pants—the Prequel

Included in the awe-inspiring book Dressed for the Photographer is this photo of feminist activist, Marietta Stow in her 1880s version of reform dress. Stow was a philanthropist and social reformer of long standing who ran for California governor in … Continue reading

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The Lace Collar Revisted—A View from the Supreme Court

I’ve never given much thought to the look of Supreme Court justices—you’ve seen one black robe, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s why I was surprised by Ruth Bader Ginzburg’s lace collar, added to her robe. She’s sported this addition … Continue reading

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Signing the Equal Pay Act, 1963

Signed into law by President John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963, the Equal Pay Act legislated that women receive equal pay to men for equal work. Too bad it couldn’t happen with the stroke of a pen. Forty years … Continue reading

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