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Mary Colter–Architect of the Southwest

You don’t have to spend much time at the south rim of the Grand Canyon to hear the name Mary Colter (1869-1958).  She designed Bright Angel Lodge, the Hopi House, and the Lookout Studio, which fits into the walls of … Continue reading

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Hang on, Abbie

On the back it reads, “Taken in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Abbie—second from right.” This is another photo from my stepfather’s family, on his mother’s side. Here are the scanty details I know. His mother, named Juanita, was born in … Continue reading

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Millicent Rogers, An Older Icon

Technically Millicent Rogers barely qualifies as an “older icon,” since she died when she was just fifty. However, she was feted and photographed so often in her relatively short life that she had an influence on how American women dressed. … Continue reading

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New Mexico in Living Color, 1940

One big drawback to using old snap shots for fashion history is that they are largely in black and white.  You have to guess about the color of clothes, such an important element, until home photographers begin to get access … Continue reading

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