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Harford Frocks and the Older Woman

The 1947 packet for a Harford Frocks saleswoman contained something for almost everyone in the family, from young children upwards. There were school clothes for girls and boys, outfits designed for teenagers, and even a few things for the man … Continue reading

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The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, 1915—Part One: The Elegant Matron

This is a reposting from the early years of my blog. This panoramic photo comes from the 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair, known as the Panama Pacific International Exhibition because it celebrated the completion of the Panama Canal.  My resourceful … Continue reading

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The Way they Wear their Hats, 1934

Well, I must admit that the person I love the most in this August 1934 photo is the gamesome boy front left in his white sailor pants, white shirt, and large white beret.  But all of these well dressed summer … Continue reading

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On a Treasure Hunt at the Chicago History Museum

Working in an archive is like looking for vintage treasures in an overstuffed warehouse.  You might have some idea of what you want to find, but you need to keep an open mind.  Since my daughter lives in Chicago, I … Continue reading

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Lisette Model’s “Woman with Veil,” 1949

You may be forgiven for not knowing the name Lisette Model (pronounced with a long o, as in toe). She hasn’t made it onto the list of those most often cited in the American photographic pantheon. If she is mentioned … Continue reading

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The Wedding Party, 1967

Are there two brides in this picture, or one bride and a very well dressed matron of honor? The back of the photo gives no clues, reading only “Gail, Bill, Barbara, Ruth, 6/10/67.” The father doesn’t look happy, but who … Continue reading

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The Lace Collar Revisted—A View from the Supreme Court

I’ve never given much thought to the look of Supreme Court justices—you’ve seen one black robe, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s why I was surprised by Ruth Bader Ginzburg’s lace collar, added to her robe. She’s sported this addition … Continue reading

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An Enduring Detail—The White Lace Collar on a Dark Dress

Lace conjures up two images in my mind—young and bridal versus old and stately.  Maybe the reason I never wear lace is because I don’t see myself in either of these categories.  In the twenty first century, lace has had … Continue reading

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Old Lace, 1920s

Lace is a hot fabric on the runways in 2011, and the Wall Street Journal recently reported a boom in the French lace industry as a result.  While you can see lace dresses, jackets, stockings, and even pants designed for … Continue reading

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