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Bowling Banquet, 1962

Although Vogue editor Diana Vreeland didn’t invent the term “youth quake” until 1965, clothing styles had begun changing in favor of the young and slim already by the turn of the decade. What would the not-so-young and not-so-slim woman wear … Continue reading

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Mrs. Williams in the Soviet Union, 1959

When you listen to the self generated propaganda of the baby boomer generation, you might think that we were the first group ever to grow old with our legs still working and our brains more or less intact. But of … Continue reading

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Freddy and Friends, ca. 1916

This wonderful photograph printed on a post card came with a lot of information. First of all there is the written message on the front, “Freddy seems to have some misgivings but my expression is certainly is certainly hopeful.” (The … Continue reading

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Older Women in Prints, 1939

This evocative photo of the Finnish War Orphans Sewing Circle of Cleveland, Ohio features mainly older women. For the most part, they are dressed quite conservatively in dark dresses with brooches or lace collars at their necks. Some sport a … Continue reading

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Helena Rubinstein and the Fine Art of Photo Retouching, 1932

How did famous beauties control their image before the era of Photoshop? They had their photographs retouched. Apparently altering negatives to achieve different results is a process as old as photography itself. Because she had made herself into the image … Continue reading

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Three Sisters, 1882

Since this detailed photo includes the names of the subjects, just a little internet searching revealed that the three women were sisters. Rhoda Farnham Scammon, (1809-1896). Sarah Bracket Foss, (1899-1894) and Phebe Whittemore Woodruff (1807-1885) were born in Maine. Sarah … Continue reading

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Remembering Alice Reingold

Alice Reingold, the grandmother of a high school friend, lived the high life in Hollywood from the 1920s to the 1960s. Of a German Jewish background, she “married down” when she took up with an Eastern European Jew. He proved … Continue reading

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Dorothea Lange–Enduring Elements of Style

Recently an impressive documentary about this famous photographer, Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning, aired on PBS. The film is directed by Lange’s granddaughter, the award winning cinematographer Dyanna Taylor. There is also a companion book with the same … Continue reading

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Norman Rockwell’s “The Gossips,” 1948

Do older women gossip more than other people? Norman Rockwell seemed to think so. In this work, made for the cover of Saturday Evening Post, nine out of fifteen gossips are women, and six of those are old. Maybe he … Continue reading

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Country Mouse, City Mice

Although I come from the vast suburban expanse of Southern California, I felt very much like a country mouse when I met the idiosyncratic fashionistas on the streets of New York. Well known in certain circles for their own blog … Continue reading

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