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Turbans and the Older Woman

Do you associate certain kinds of hats with certain age groups?  At the beginning of the twenty century, the bonnet tied under the chin was linked to older women.  For me, it is the turban that I associate with this … Continue reading

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Bessie McHugh from her Thirties to her Sixties

“On a steamer going to Catalina, June 25, 1934. That was the way we celebrated Our Anniversary.” So reads the message on the back of this romantic photo.  It depicts John McHugh, born in Ireland in 1889, and his wife … Continue reading

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On a Treasure Hunt at the Chicago History Museum

Working in an archive is like looking for vintage treasures in an overstuffed warehouse.  You might have some idea of what you want to find, but you need to keep an open mind.  Since my daughter lives in Chicago, I … Continue reading

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More on Madge, ca. 1951

On a recent visit to my aunt’s house, I started exploring her huge stash of family photos. Why had I never thought to do this while my uncle was still alive to share his stories? But better late than never. … Continue reading

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Trying on Hats in Bronzeville, 1941

This evocative photo, captioned “Buying hats in a ten cent store which caters to Negroes,” is included in the volume Bronzeville: Black Chicago in Pictures, 1941-43 (2003). The book matches photos taken by photographers working for the federal government with … Continue reading

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My Grandmother Madge

My maternal grandmother Madge had couture level sewing skills.  When I asked where she got them, my aunt told me she took classes in downtown Chicago.  She never rested on her laurels. I am thinking of her a lot, since … Continue reading

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Finding Vivian Maier

The enigmatic photographer Vivian Maier (1926-2009), whose work was discovered after she died, is the subject of this documentary by John Maloof. He is one of the two men who are working to bring her vast legacy to the public. … Continue reading

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Hats of Different Nations, 1946

Featured in the Chicago Sun Times in November 1946, this photo shows an election polling site at a hat shop on Rush St. in downtown Chicago. The owner, Mrs. Annette Conkey, took advantage of the occasion to show off her … Continue reading

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Four at the Shore, 1920s

While it is easy to think of the 1920s as a fairly unified fashion period, with its waistless  dresses, cloche hats, and short hair styles, skirt lengths varied a lot during the decade.  They started out fairly long, then became … Continue reading

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Chicago in White, 1920s

Recently I’ve been reading about the history of photography, a topic I should have tackled a long time ago. I’m particularly interested in amateur snapshots, since they are my main source base to find out what older women actual wore … Continue reading

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