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Ohio Blue: What Older Women Wore in 1968

Do remember what you had in your closet in 1968?  (Did you even have a closet then?)  I think mine was full of miniskirts and home-made sheath dresses, with a few Indian tunics thrown in.  Of course, I was eighteen … Continue reading

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Book Review: The House Dress by Elda Danese

This book was a natural for me, given my fascination with house dresses.  The author, Italian fashion historian Elda Danese, shares my interest in everyday clothing that follows a different cycle from high fashion. She finds the house dress a … Continue reading

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Hand Sewing, 1940

Unlike many seamsters, I actually enjoy hand sewing.  Perhaps that is why I was attracted to this FSA photograph from 1940.  As is the case with many of these photos available from the Library of Congress, this one comes with … Continue reading

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Book Review: The American Look by Rebecca Arnold

Since I’m interested in what (if anything) is specific to American clothing, I was drawn to this fashion history by Rebecca Arnold.  As in most academic books, it is the subtitle that really tells you what it is about: “Fashion, … Continue reading

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The House Dress Lives, 2011

In our walking tours of Berlin, my husband and I stumbled upon a store that sells items from the former East Germany.  There are many of these stores, cashing in on what is called “Ostalgie,” a new word created from … Continue reading

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House Dresses/Street Dresses, 1941

In her fascinating book Ready-Made Miracle, former Vogue editor and fashion historian Jessica Daves explains why it is hard to tell house dresses from street dresses in photographs from the 1930s and 1940s.  During the Great Depression, the federal government … Continue reading

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The House Dress, 1917

What exactly is a “house dress”?  By the first decade of the twentieth century, it was no longer an “at home” dress meant to receive company.  Instead, it was a much more humble article of apparel designed for women to … Continue reading

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St. Paul Rooming House, 1939

This photograph comes from a huge collection created by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) to document American life during the Great Depression.  These works are in the public domain and most are accessible via the Library of Congress website. While … Continue reading

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