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Big Hair from the Sixties

Even before I saw the dates, I knew that this photo by Southern photographer William Eggleston was from the sixties.  My clue—the hair. Although the older woman is casually dressed, her hair looks like it is going to a party. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Milwaukee, 1960

This photo documents a Thanksgiving dinner for 400 put on by the Pioneer Telephone Company in Milwaukee in 1960.  Are the women (and a few men) all telephone workers, or do the guests include needy community members invited for a … Continue reading

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Maggie Kuhn–Fierce

When Maggie Kuhn (1905-1995) was forced to retire once she turned sixty-five, her coworkers gave her a sewing machine.  They had seriously misjudged her retirement plans.  Kuhn had worked as an organizer all her life, first developing programs for working … Continue reading

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Ann Frity and Daughters, 1926

You can really see the family resemblance in this photo of Ann Firty and her three daughters—Bell, Gertrude and Wynn.  All the relevant family information is penciled on the back of this snapshot, as well as the location of Quincy, … Continue reading

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At the Pool, 1961

It’s not easy to find pictures of older women in swimsuits. While the women depicted front and center in these photos might not yet be fifty, they certainly qualify as no longer young. Just where are they? The second shot … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day? Try a Turban

One of John Tiffany’s jobs as Eleanor Lambert’s assistant was to bring turbans with him in the car when he picked her up from the hairdresser’s. She got her hair done many times a week, but apparently wasn’t always pleased … Continue reading

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Blue Hair

It might be a trick of the Kodachrome film, but it looks like the woman in this 1957 snapshot has dyed her hair to match her suit.  Perhaps she is dressed up for Easter Sunday, her tailored outfit embellished by … Continue reading

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Bowling Banquet, 1962

Although Vogue editor Diana Vreeland didn’t invent the term “youth quake” until 1965, clothing styles had begun changing in favor of the young and slim already by the turn of the decade. What would the not-so-young and not-so-slim woman wear … Continue reading

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All Wrapped Up

This dress gives a whole new definition to party outfit, since the woman looks like a  wrapped package. The asymmetrical design is gathered across the left shoulder—you can see the fold beneath her large pin, and across along the left … Continue reading

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Oldster Get-Together, 1978

What’s the occasion? I’ve been trying to figure out a story to go with this thrift store photo for a quite awhile. There are two generations—the middle aged (40-50 year olds) and perhaps a few of their parents. Was this … Continue reading

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