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Blanche’s Retirement Party, 1971

Time: 1971.  Place:  Data Products.  Event: A party for Blanche.  This much is clear from the notes on the backs of eight color photos I bought on ebay.  After looking at them for awhile, I think it is a good … Continue reading

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Exercise Classes at Century Village, 1973

In the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency of US government sponsored a photo documentation project inspired in part by the efforts by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) during the Great Depression. Called Docuamerica, the project lasted from 1972 to 1978 … Continue reading

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The Sheath and the Shirtwaist, 1965

The photographer did these two women no favors by capturing them from the bottom up.  They are obviously related, but I wonder how. Judging by the clothes, the woman on the right might be the daughter. Looking at their faces, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Milwaukee, 1960

This photo documents a Thanksgiving dinner for 400 put on by the Pioneer Telephone Company in Milwaukee in 1960.  Are the women (and a few men) all telephone workers, or do the guests include needy community members invited for a … Continue reading

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What to Wear on Elephants, 1979

How fitting that this photo of three women adventurers was sent to me by Lizzie Bramlett of the blog The Vintage Traveler.  Lizzie has sent me many snapshots, but this is by far the most exotic. A handwritten message on … Continue reading

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Peggy Guggenheim, Fashion Eccentric

I offer this 1950 portrait of Peggy Guggenheim as part of my ongoing effort to trace the history of older fashion eccentrics. Guggenheim was 52 here, just barely meeting my arbitrary cut off for an older woman. The sunglasses are … Continue reading

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Summer’s End, 1950s

This seemed a good photo for the Labor Day weekend, which marks the end of summer in the United States. (Most of us have forgotten that the holiday was intended to commemorate the achievements of the labor movement.) The women … Continue reading

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Remembering Mrs. Fessenden

A few months ago I reconnected with a high school friend via Facebook, which has led into a swirl of teenage memories.  She recently posted a photo of our school’s honor society for the 1966-67 academic year. It wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Two Sisters, Two Styles—1950s

Are these women twins? They certainly could be, with similar facial structures and figures. They share style preferences too—with similar hair dos, glasses, and pants with pockets. But despite all the elements they share, the women have quite different styles. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Travel, 1951

The caption for this photo reads: “92-year-old great grandmother Mrs. C. C. Adams of Hooker, Oklahoma, reversed the old saying ‘over the hills to grandma’s house’ when she decided to take her first flight via TWA Skycoach to greet part … Continue reading

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