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“We Are Getting There Fast,” 1895

When women took up bicycles in a big way in the 1890s, it resulted in a kind of moral panic in the media about the potential effects of women wearing bloomers (or what we would today call knickerbockers.)  Women took … Continue reading

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You Can Keep Your Hat On

How do women in positions of power establish their authority in a work environment?  These days it is done through clothes, but it used to be done with hats. I’ve read many memoirs about women editors at fashion magazines being … Continue reading

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Women Voting, 1944

This imaginative photograph comes from the 1944 presidential election. Voting took place as American troops were still fighting in Europe and Asia. Sitting President Franklin D. Roosevelt won 81% of the popular vote.  Such a landslide is unthinkable in today’s … Continue reading

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Judy’s—A California Store for Young (and a few Older) Women

Inspired by Jen Orsini of the blog Pintucks, I checked out the memoir of Marcia Israel-Curly (1920-2004), founder of a chain of California fashion stores called Judy’s. Her book, Defying the Odds: Sharing the Lessons I learned as a Pioneer … Continue reading

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The Gibson Girl’s Mother, 1900

The Gibson Girl is an American archetype–a tall, slim young woman with a big head of hair and an athletic disposition.  She was artist Charles Dana Gibson’s most famous creation.  However, he also drew other social types. In a collection … Continue reading

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Ann Frity and Daughters, 1926

You can really see the family resemblance in this photo of Ann Firty and her three daughters—Bell, Gertrude and Wynn.  All the relevant family information is penciled on the back of this snapshot, as well as the location of Quincy, … Continue reading

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What to Wear in Utopia, 1915

Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a noted writer, feminist, and sociologist at the turn of the twentieth century.  She was also an advocate of dress reform, that movement which struggled against corsets, uncomfortable clothing, and unnecessary finery.  Her views on what … Continue reading

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The Sporting Life, ca. 1910

There is a long note on the back of this photo, partly obscured by black paper from where it was ripped from a photo album.  “Dear Emily,” it reads.  “Do you remember this swell crowd?”  Then the writer goes on … Continue reading

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On the Porch, June 1951

Written on the back of this large eight by ten inch photo is “Lottie and Mother, June 1 1951.”  I’m guessing that this is a birthday party or family reunion in honor of the old woman, center front.  She is … Continue reading

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Three Generations at the Wedding

Often I wish that all photos came not only with dates, but also a list of names and relationships. This one came with nothing. Obviously that is the bride in the middle, but I’m not entirely sure that the young … Continue reading

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