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Fur and the Older Woman in the 1920s

As I learned during a winter in Moscow with a borrowed muskrat coat, the primary reason to wear fur is to keep warm.  But in advice literature aimed at older women, fur was said to possess additional magic features.  Its … Continue reading

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Fifth Avenue, Midtown, 1964

Do you think these three conferred on their outfits before they headed out?  “Lets all wear our fur stoles, hats, and long gloves, and make sure that our shoes exactly match our dresses?” Or was this simply standard fare for … Continue reading

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Blue Hair

It might be a trick of the Kodachrome film, but it looks like the woman in this 1957 snapshot has dyed her hair to match her suit.  Perhaps she is dressed up for Easter Sunday, her tailored outfit embellished by … Continue reading

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Lisette Model’s “Woman with Veil,” 1949

You may be forgiven for not knowing the name Lisette Model (pronounced with a long o, as in toe). She hasn’t made it onto the list of those most often cited in the American photographic pantheon. If she is mentioned … Continue reading

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Mother and Daughter, 1925

Given all the facial similarities, these two are obviously mother and daughter. They even have very similar hairstyles. The photo offers clear evidence of what aging does to facial features. The mother’s cheeks are sagging, the lines around her mouth … Continue reading

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Woman in a Fur Coat, 1977

What a prosperous looking couple! The man wears an expertly matched plaid suit, not easy to make, and the woman shows off a long fur coat with a wide notched collar. I might have been able to place this photo … Continue reading

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Louise Nevelson’s Chinchilla Lined Coat

Once described as “a cross between Catherine the Great and a bag lady,” the artist Louise Nevelson (1899-1988) was an eccentric dresser. Born in the Russian Empire and raised in Maine, she left for New York as soon as she … Continue reading

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Dress Up Clothes from the 1920s

It is hardly a surprise that the new film version of The Great Gatsby includes almost no older women, unless you count a brief scene with Daisy’s mother. After all, this is a book and a film about young people … Continue reading

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On Chicago Streets, 1960s

Here are a few more photos from “Vivian Maier’s Chicago” rendered through my husband’s camera. Maier was born in 1926, so she was around forty when she took these photos of older women on Chicago streets. Perhaps her own status … Continue reading

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Vivian Maier’s Chicago

The Chicago History Museum is sponsoring an exhibit of the Chicago street photographer Vivian Maier (1926-2009).  There is a fascinating back story to her work.  New York born Maier made her home in Chicago from the 1950s until her death.  … Continue reading

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