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Eleanor Roosevelt and Mrs. Yamamoto, 1943

From the wonderful website Calisphere, these photos show first lady Eleanor Roosevelt  visiting the Gila Japanese American relocation camp in Rivers, Arizona.  I would love to know the thoughts of Mrs. Yamamoto, former president of the San Francisco PTA, as … Continue reading

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Mary McLeod Bethune, 1940s

I found this photograph in Ebony magazine, many issues of which are now available via Google books. Although the photo is undated, I think it comes from the 1940s. It shows first lady Eleanor Roosevelt with her friend, the noted … Continue reading

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Symbol of Eighties Style–Nancy Reagan, 1981

In histories of American fashion, the 1980s are known as an era of glitz and over the top styles—picture Krystle Carrington on the TV show Dynasty.  The Reagan White House came to be a symbol of the times, with Nancy … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink, 1953

At the beginning of the twentieth century, fashion advisers warned older women to avoid the color pink.  In a speech called “The Fine Art of Growing Old,” published in Ladies Home Journal in 1903 one such expert warned “A pink … Continue reading

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Mamie Eisenhower, 1959

It isn’t often that I get to combine my current research interest—older women and American fashion—with my career as a Soviet historian.  This wonderful photo of a state dinner between Dwight Eisenhower and Nikita Khrushchev provides a rare opportunity. Although … Continue reading

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The Coolidge Family and Mother Jones, 1924

I was attracted to this Library of Congress photo by the contrast between the middle aged Grace Coolidge, wife of the thirtieth president, and the much older woman on her left.  Reading the caption quickly, I assumed the older woman … Continue reading

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